Supplementary Institute and Junior College of Continuing Education

Supplementary Institute and Junior College of Continuing Education  
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Supplementary Institute and Junior College of Continuing Education
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With the advance of rapid high-tech competition and needs of knowledge, obtaining higher degrees of studies and capabilities becomes the prior consideration for those who plan their life-long goals. However, it is a great dilemma for people who have had a full-time job to make a choice between their own jobs and their determination to further academic studies. In this way, to accommodate the government policy to enhance the basis of industries and to promote the qualification of on-the-job professionals, further to offer more educational resources for these professionals and to comply with the regulations of skill testing and certificate issuing, WuFeng Supplementary Junior College of Continuing Education was founded in August, 1997. In August, 2000, Supplementary Institute of Continuing Education was also founded.

Distinguishing Features

WuFeng Supplementary Institute and Junior College of Continuing Education is a special system in education to provide adults working in the society a convenient channel to learn practical skills, professional knowledge and new techniques. In order to provide practical training courses to the general public on weekends, the college offers students with vocational training. The purpose of a continuing education program is to improve students’ professional knowledge and making them more competitive in their career field.

In order to promote continual learning for on-the-job professionals, we offer two types of programs. The first is a two-year junior college program for students that have graduated from senior high school. We also offer a two-year senior college program for the students that have graduated from a junior college.

Our faculty is made up of excellent educators, with Master or Ph.D. degrees, in related fields of study that are employed to provide our students with quality instruction. We firmly believe that the perfect combination of faculty, state-of-the-art computer facilities and a positive learning environment will provide you with the best opportunities to become knowledgeable professionals in the future.


Our mottoes are “Vigor, Enthusiasm and Patience”. We strive to provide students with the best service. There are two sections, Section of Academic Affairs and Section of Student affairs, in the Institute.

Section of Academic Affairs (SAA)

The SAA is divided into two divisions including the general academic affairs division and the teaching affairs division.

  1. General Academic Affairs Division:
    This division is responsible for registration, enrollment, academic records, two-year junior and senior college entrance examinations, student transferring, the issuing of student ID cards, exhibitions, printing of lecture materials, and other academic related businesses.
  2. Teaching Affairs Division:
    This division is responsible for courses scheduling, tests, class attendance records, instructor teaching loads, leaves of absence for instructors, the scheduling of make-up classes, payroll, course planning and modifications, course credit waiving, academic transcripts, graduation qualification checks, and classrooms and teaching related resources management.
Section of Student Affairs (SSA)

The SSA is the administrative unit that interacts most closely with the students. It is divided into four divisions, namely, Student Life, Extra-Curricular Activities, Hygiene & Health Care, and Class Communication Congress.

The SSA is responsible:

Guiding the Student Association and Student Parliament:

  1. To promote the self-governance of students, and electing representatives who will attend administrative meetings. The SSA also encourages the Student Association to play an important role in regular activities such as freshman parties, and graduation celebrations.
  2. To give support to minority students, we provide related grants and financial aids, such as those for native students, and help students with the applications.
  3. To conduct the financial services such as student loans, grants and financial aid. The SSA reviews the policies of awarding grants for outstanding students.
  4. To promote a safe campus environment and equality between genders, we advocate the safety related issues about campus life, traffic, diet and diseases.
Academic Departments
  • Two-year Junior College:
    Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Early Childhood Educare, Leisure Recreation & Sport Management.
  • Two-year Senior College:
    Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Fire Science, Early Childhood Educare, Leisure Recreation & Sport Management, Fashion Styling and Design, Long-term Care, Applied Digital Media, Marketing and Distribution Management.
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