Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
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Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
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The department is devoted to foster well-trained engineers with theories and practical techniques of computer science and information. Students graduated from the department will equip with the ability to design and integrate the system with either the software or the hardware, to promote the upgrade of information industry, and hence to devote the responsibility to the society.

Academic Goals

The curriculum is designed to emphasize the theories, the application, and the practice. Here, the curriculums are divided into three main fields, which are information technology, embedded system, and digital content. Some computer-based courses have been designed to cooperate with development core, “safety,” of the school. Through the cooperation between school and industry or project-based program, students can develop their professional skills and well prepared for the graduate study or getting employment. The department also aids students in accomplishing their certificates of skill testing in a variety of fields.

Curriculum Development

The aim of the program designed for the undergraduate students is to train the students in the most sophisticated aspects of modern computer and information technology. During the freshman and sophomore years, the curriculum concentrates on basic cowries in physics and mathematics along with the cowries steering the fundamentals of computer hardware and software system, such as digital logic design, object-oriented programming language, hardware description language, data structure, and so on. Moreover, the students may select more advanced courses, including the area of VLSI design, semi-conductor device physics, computer organization, network communication algorithms, image processing, and operating system during the junior and senior years. Meanwhile, the students have to participate in one practical project to aid them in developing a high information technology.

Distinguishing features of the department
  1. Including two main fields in the curriculums: network technology and embedded system technology.
  2. Promoting students’ professional ability by the certificates of computer skill testing, especially the international high-level skill certificate
  3. Strengthening students’ implementation ability through the project-based programs.
  4. Increasing the professional knowledge and skill for employment through the employ-based programs
  5. Enhancing the alliance between industry and school with the cooperation.
  6. Addressing the practice and implementation of the computer science.
  7. Grasping the trends in the science and the technology, as well as the development characteristics of the industry.
Outlook for graduates
  1. Advancing higher education
  2. Students graduated from the four-year and two-year undergraduate programs may continue their graduate study either in Taiwan or abroad.

  3. Taking up an occupation
  4. Graduates have a variety of opportunities to find jobs in the software/hardware of computer and network areas.
Research Focus
  1. software engineering
  2. Embedded system analysis and design
  3. computational algorithms and scientific computing
  4. network technology
  5. information security
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