Campus Map
Student Population

Currently, there are 5,204 students enrolled at WFU. More than half of the students are is enrolled in one of WFU’s day programs with the remainder enrolled in WFU’s evening or weekend degree programs.


WFU takes pride in its teaching staff of over 280. There are over 112 instructors who hold doctoral(or equivalent) degrees, and with an equivalent number of instructors who are seeking terminal degrees in their respective field or discipline. In addition, all administrators at WFU possess a doctoral degree.

Skill Testing

A great deal of effort has gone into promoting skill testing. In addition to holding Level B and C skill certificates tests, WFU has become a skill testing center to conduct Level B certificates both for Computer Package Software Implications and Computer Hardware Assembly. This event has obtained wide-attention from the government.

Campus Network

The whole campus is networked to the internet. The backbone is 1Tbps fast ethernet backbone that is connected directly by fiber optic cable to the local university. Every building is connected by fiber optic 1Tbps giga ethernet. We also provide campus-wide wireless ethernet access at 54 mbps. The student dormitory is also networked with 24-hour internet access.

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