Department of Leisure Recreation and Sport Management

Department of Leisure Recreation and Sport Management
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Department of Leisure Recreation and Sport Management
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The mission of the Department of Leisure Recreation and Sport Management (LRSM) is to provide a dynamic educational experience for the study of health, fitness, sport, and leisure that imparts the values, experiences, and skills necessary for students’ future leadership roles as scholars engaged in lifelong learning and as professionals serving their communities through the promotion of healthy behavior and lifestyles.

Our faculty are dedicated to undergraduate education. They make your learning their top priority.

Our small classes help to ensure that you get the personal attention you need to succeed.

Our program consists of a mix of theoretical and practical topics to help prepare you for either graduate school or immediate employment after graduation.

Research Focus
  1. Teaching Methods
  2. The Department of LRSM emphasizes the integration of theory and practice for cultivating professionals. Our curriculum is flexible and multidisciplinary and based on the learning needs of the student. The two main goals of the Department are to provide students with a creative, safe, nurturing environment which fosters high achievement and effective communication; and to educate students with the productive and technical skills needed to compete in a global society. We envision students filled with ambition, aiming for success.

  3. Teaching Facilities
  4. All our professional classrooms are furnished with up-to-date equipment. Digital multimedia technology is used to enrich and to provide for a quality learning experience. Using interactive virtual labs for teaching and learning is a field of increasing interest. This scenario-simulation teaching allows students to be trained through learning environments that have been constructed specifically to teach and then test their abilities and skills.

  5. Future Student Goals
  6. Graduates of our program may look forward to pursuing postgraduate studies at domestic and overseas universities, or find career opportunities in the field of sports coaches, sports referees, fitness trainer, sports fitness instructors, swimming coaches, health management division and activity planning staff, tour manager, tour guide, leisure farm planners, leisure and system developers, leisure and tourism business, hospitality service personnel etc.

  7. Laboratories
  8. Welcome to the LRSM’s labs. Those are undergraduate laboratories primarily used for teaching and research purposes. Some of the analyses performed in those labs include body composition, strength assessment and exercise stress tests.

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