Chinese Language Center

Chinese Language Center
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Chinese Language Center
Tel: 886-5-226-7125 ext. 61113
Fax: 886-5-206-7240
Cht Website:http://clc.wfu.edu.tw/
Eng Website:http://clc.wfu.edu.tw/


WuFeng University of Science and Technology line with world trends and government to promote Chinese language foreign policy, international students learning Chinese, to promote international cultural exchanges, the establishment of Chinese Language Center. The Center is a university level unit. The center is set up for the purpose of promoting Chinese language teaching, planning and implementation of programs outside the Chinese language. The professor foreigners Chinese language listening, speaking, reading, writing and other related capabilities as the core objective, and is responsible for Chinese language teaching materials compilation and research and development, promote the teaching and coaching ability to detect the Chinese language, the Chinese language and cultural learning activities organized, academic seminars and lectures. In addition to teaching, the Center and look forward to promote the beauty of Taiwan culture, promote international cooperation and cross-cultural communication.

Research Focus

This center has professional teachers, diversified and customized courses, improve teaching facilities and beautiful campus scenery, through the center of all of concerted efforts to create a high-quality Chinese and comfortable learning environment. In addition, we give students comprehensive care and concern, Chiayi cheap cost of living, good honest folk, convenient transportation network, is the best choice for ambitious people to learn the Chinese language.

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