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E-Mail: library@wfu.edu.tw
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The institute library was first set up on the first floor of the Wen-Hong Hall, and occupied 316 square meters. With the increase in student enrollment and the need to supply and make available more books additional space had to be found. The library was thus extended by more than 5000 square meters and was moved into the Sheng-You Hall occupying the fifth to the eighth floors in 2001. It currently occupies 5600 square meters and houses nearly 430,000 volumes. The whole library is networked to both the campus-wide Internet and wireless Internet.

In August of 2011, Library combined with Computer Center to be the Office of Library and Information, in which Library Services Section, Library and Information Support Section, Information and E-Learning Section and System Development Section were established. To meet the needs of teaching and research, the library has been constantly expanding its collection and computerizing its contents and the administrative system to better serve both faculty and students. The library holds 430,000 items, including 536periodical titles, over 11,000 pieces of audiovisual materials and 410,000 books.

Library has installed automation system which provides modules of ordering and receiving, cataloging, circulation, periodical management and information searches (OPAC/WEBPAC). In addition, the library web site (http://www.lib.wfu.edu.tw) provides the WEBPAC bibliographic search service, the reader’s service, the library instruction service, the multi-media service, as well as the interlibrary loan service.


To satisfy the need of teachers and students, to support learning, teaching and researching, and to provide a comfortable reading or studying space.

  1. Providing for multiple learning resource, supporting good studying environment for Wu-Feng’s faculty, staff and students.
  2. Setting the special sections of “Safty”, “Life Education” and “Wu-Feng” etc., to become the special area of the library.
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