Center of Admission Service

Center of Admission Service
Contact Info
Center of Admission Service
Tel: 886-5-226-7125 ext. 23132
Fax: 886-5-226-1213
E-Mail: enroll@wfu.edu.tw
Cht Website:http://www2.wfu.edu.tw/wp/admission/


Center of Admission Service(CAS) deals with affairs about student admission, advertisement for the entire school and its departments, and provides counseling services for new students. The center was established on August 2008. It derived from a second-level division under Office of Academic Affairs, namely the early Admission Affair Center. The mission of CAS is to provide interested students with essential services to get acquainted with this university, so that they have opportunities to enroll in proper departments of their aspiration.

The center is composed of two sections, which are namely Section of Admission Guidelines, and Section of Admission Services.

Office of Director
Major Duties:
  1. Management of all affairs of CAS.
  2. Planning of Admission Strategies.
  3. Assignment of tasks of CAS.

Staff :

  • Director: Chang, Cheng-Yu
  • Secretary: Yeh, Ting-Chun
Section of Admission Guidelines
Major Duties:
  1. Planning and designing promotional materials.
  2. Organizing school affairs and exhibitions.
  3. Handling multi-media advertising for the university.
  4. Arranging speeches about admissions.
  5. Organizing and training admission teams.

Staff :

  • Section Chief: Yeh, Ting-Chun
  • Officer: Wang, You-Jen
Section of Admission Services
Major Duties:
  1. Planning regulations and guidelines for all admissions.
  2. Accessing new student enrollment.

Staff :

  • Section Chief: Hwang, Ming-Sheng
  • Officer : Yeh, Ting-Chun
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