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Art center
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Art center
Tel: 886-226-7125 ext. 21522
Fax: 886-5-226-4224
E-Mail: library@wfu.edu.tw


Wufung University directed a unified educational belief of “Science, Humanity, and Art.” Thus the Art Center is founded in July of 2008, and is located on the 5th floor of our library. In order to intensify more cultural activities, and create more artistic atmosphere in our campus, as of Feb. 2010, the “Wufung Institute Technology Art Center Guidelines” was set up to have an additional “Art Center” as an administrative unit, in order to integrate an literacy class, responsible for educating, performing arts, and to promote other related matters.

Staff Members:

Our Art Center consists of One director, who coordinate related services in this center.

One exhibition section director, enlisted as part-time position from the art literacy department, who’s responsible for processing education, art exhibitions and performances, or other related matters.

One art collection director, enlisted as part-time position from the library of the chief of library service department, who’s responsible for processing art collection and digitalization projects or other related matters.

Two artists, enlisted from outside of the campus, to assist plans for on campus art cultural activities, art exhibitions, and other related matters.

Research Focus
Schedule Events:
  1. Invite artists to held their own art exhibitions.
  2. To held teacher-student creative art group exhibitions.
  3. To plan a native community distinguish art cultural exhibition.
  4. Promote Wufong art exhibition and performance feasts.
  5. Process art workshop, and speech or other related matters.
  6. Create an artistic atmosphere on campus grounds
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