Department of Fire Science

Department of Fire Science
Contact Info
Department of Fire Science
Tel: 886-5-2267125 ext. 71402
Fax: 886-5-2065112
E-Mail: jiang@wfu.edu.tw
Cht Website:http://http://fs.wfu.edu.tw/
Eng Website:http://www2.wfu.edu.tw/wp/english/?p=62

College of Security & Engineering

The Department of Fire Science was established in 2002. Currently the department is running both undergraduate and On-job Master programs. The Department of Fire Science aims to become the national fire science training center and to give an impetus to the fire science industry. Fire prevention, fire protection engineering, security and disaster prevention are the specialties of the department. Coursework promotes new and updated information that is closely related to fire protection. Our strong faculty members, including 6 associate professors, 1 assistant professors and 5 ecturers, are specialized in core areas from fire science, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering to chemical engineering. We provide students with advanced professional knowledge as well as opportunities to achieve further education and training. These skills enable our graduates to specialize and research in fire science. The department offers not only systematic programs but also complete regiments of facilities including a fire virtual laboratory, a hypoxia environment laboratory, a fire forensic laboratory, an exhibit room, a fire engine canopy, and fire safety laboratories. In addition to combining theory and practice, the curriculum enhances students’ foreign language proficiency and information technology comprehension, fully preparing the graduates for future competitions.

Academic Programs
  • 4-year undergraduate program
  • 4-year undergraduate evening program
  • 2-year undergraduate weekend program
  • On-job Master program
Degree Offered
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree

Students graduated from colleges, junior colleges, senior vocational high schools, or senior high schools, majoring in mechanical, electrical, or civil/architectural engineering.

Research Focus

The Educational Target of Fire Science Department

  1. The fire science department takes “fire prevention”, “fire safety engineering” and ” disaster prevention” as educative cores.
  2. The targets anticipated to reach are technical person’s training location, engineering technical R & D center. The fire science department will provide the learning chance.
  3. We will train the students have profession and license professional ability.
  4. Fire Science department establishes fire science institute at 2008.
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