Department of Security Technology & Management

Department of Security Technology & Management
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Department of Security Technology & Management
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Under the dawning of social security consciousness, the specialization of security technology and management are the main topics of the future security industries. Security technology and management professionals will play an important role on the job market in the next ten years. Although a lot of enterprises have largely reduced their staff under the current economical recession, the security technology and management manpower is increasing. The need for security and safety for everyone such that the security technology and management job will always remain in the market.

The goal of the Department of Security Technology & Management is to provide high quality of security education and manpower for the security markets or industries. The department provides security technology and security management programs of Bachelor degree. To provide well-rounded professionals in the security technology and security management field, our program requires not only the completion of professional courses but also practical training sessions. We give students in the security field a new channel to further studies and advancement of their careers.

The departments provide 4-year and 2-year academic programs. We have 8 well qualified faculty members, and all faculty members hold one or more professional certificates or licenses.

To meet the demands of teaching and research, there are complete instruments and facilities in the department. We have laboratories and classrooms as follows.

  1. he microcomputer classroom.
  2. The security management simulation laboratory.
  3. The surveillance control room.
  4. The security control room.
  5. The community security demonstration and simulation room.
Research Focus

We provide academic program for students to further study on security technology and management. We provides students the knowledge and skill of security technology includes security control, network security, electronic security sensors, fire control, etc., and also provides security management programs such as crime prevention and complete jurisprudence, etc. In addition, we also designed personal defense courses including judo to train students to be able to defend themselves and also to protect other people.

The research topics of the department are as follows:

  1. Security control
  2. Network security and cryptography
  3. Electronic security sensors and system design
  4. Fire control
  5. Security management
  6. Crime prevention
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