College of Medical and Health Sciences

College of Medical and  Health Sciences
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College of Medical and Health Sciences
Tel: 886-5-226-7125 ext. 61404
E-Mail: mchou@wfu.edu.tw


The College of Medical and Health Sciences was established in August, 2016. The primary objectives of this college are to cultivate students with both theoretical and practical skills, humanities, social responsibilities, and global awareness. The core development direction of the college focuses on health and safety issues, especially the health of young children and the elderly. The goal of the college is to educate students to become kindergarten teachers for young kids and caregivers for senior citizens.

The college consists of two departments as follows:

  1. Department of Early Childhood Educare
  2. Department of Long-term Care

Both departments have four-year and two-year courses. They also have day, night and weekend programs. The College has highly qualified teachers: approximately 70% out of them have Ph.D. in the professional field; and all teachers hold one or more professional certificates or licenses. To meet the demands of teaching and research, the college has complete sets of equipment, comprehensive design and analysis engineering software, and well-equipped experiment facilities in each department or graduate school.

Research Focus
  1. Curriculum design: Emphasis on students’ workplace ethics and practical
  2. Professional licenses: Each student is required to obtain 3 licenses before
  3. Emphasis on off-campus internships: Each student must undertake a
    half-year to one-year internship before graduation.
  4. Innovation and creativity: Training courses on innovation and creativity are
    designed for students to compete in the workplaces.
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