Secretariat office

Contact Info
Secretariat office
TEL:886-5-226-7125 ext. 22212
Fax: 886-5-206-3455
E-Mail: secretary@wfu.edu.tw
Cht Website:http://www2.wfu.edu.tw/wp/secretariat/

Job Descriptions
  1. Fulfill responsibilities as Secretary Office and lend support to other departments as needed.
  2. Administration Service: Assist the chief with setting-up interviews, conferences and meetings. Answer and screen telephone calls.
  3. Constant follow-ups, distribute information on time, and ensure deadlines are met.
  4. Provide efficient typing, filing, and draft letters. Prepare presentation materials.
  5. Serve as information centre for latest notices, regulations and general information, and promptly distribute this information to colleagues. Constantly collect related information for the chief.
  6. Handles meeting schedule and agenda of the administrative council, the conference of administrative and academic directors, the committee for monitoring the budget, and any urgent or unscheduled meetings.
  7. General processing of documents, handling the President’s confidential documents, and reviewing or responding to important documents from the school.
  8. Processing important plans and resolutions submitted by various units of the school.
  9. Use of the seals of certificates, contracts, application form, and tender documents.
  10. Receipting, typing and issuing official documents and electronic exchanges; Archive management.
  11. News releasing, hold news conferences, affairs relevant to public relation, and issue campus electronic papers.

Secretary General
  Ching-Lung Yang, Ph.D.
  Ext: 22211
  Email: clyang@wfu.edu.tw

Chief of Council and Administrative Division
  Prof. Yung-Tai Chen, M.A.
  Ext: 22212
  Email: ytchen@wfu.edu.tw

Executive Assistant to Secretary-General
  Miss Huai-Chiu Tseng
  Ext: 22213
  Email: thchiu@wfu.edu.tw

Executive Secretary to President
  Miss Chi-Ping, Liu
  Ext: 21211
  Email: jpliu@wfu.edu.tw

Public Relations Staff
  Miss Yi-Mei Tsai
  Ext: 21214
  Email: crasecute@wfu.edu.tw

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