Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs 
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Office of Academic Affairs
Tel: 886-5-226-1725 ext 23102
Fax: 886-5-226-0213
E-Mail: aao@wfu.edu.tw


The Office of Academic Affairs deals with all academic activities, including curriculum, students’ registration and academic records, etc. The organization of the Office of Academic Affairs consists of the Dean’s office, the Section of Registration, the Section of Curriculum.

The Dean of Academic Affairs

The Dean of Academic Affairs coordinates all academic activities. The Dean’s office also organizes meetings with other academic divisions and departments.

The Section of Registration

The Registration Section maintains students’ registration and academic records, processes requests for transcripts, approves applications for course changes and course waivers, reviews applications for inter-school transfer. It is also responsible for formulating regulations related to student records management.

The Section of Curriculum

The Curriculum Section does works about curriculum development and activities, including releasing curriculum information about programs/courses, and examinations across the academic year. It also oversees the teacher evaluation system and organizes Curriculum Committee Meetings.

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