Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs
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Office of Student Affairs
Tel: 886-5-226-7125 ext.24101
Fax: 886-5-226-0135
E-Mail: sao@wfu.edu.tw


The Office of Student Affairs is committed to enhance students’ life at WuFeng University outside of the classroom. It aims at providing opportunities and services to complement students’ academic life on campus and to enhance their intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development in a safe environment. The Office is consisted of five divisions, including divisions of Life Guidance, Physical and Mental Health Center, Extra-Curricular Activities Physical Education.

Life Guidance Section

Life Guidance Division provides information regarding the opportunities for scholarship and student loans. A reward system is carried out on campus in order to reinforce students’ positive behaviors. If the students do not behave appropriately, they would receive warnings. The goal of this division is to help students shape positive character.

Physical and Mental Health Center

Physical and Mental Health Center services include Counselling, Resource Room, Healthcare.
Individual counseling, group counseling, psychological tests, consulting services and health-related issues are available for faculty, staff and students. In addition to organizing lectures on Physical and mental health issues, supportive learning instruments and rehabilitation services are provided for the students with special needs. By engaging in gender issues and career plans, Physical and Mental Health Center provides students with opportunities to get to know themselves. In addition, it also helps students foster medical knowledge to lead a healthy life in the long run. In addition to emergency treatments, this division carries out a series of lectures to promote health-related knowledge to students.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Developing Extra-Curricular Activities include club management, freshman orientation, service learning, volunteer service.

Extracurricular Activities Division aims at carrying out effective interventions to enhance students’ self-discipline and to help them become cultivated citizens. In order to build up a democratic climate on campus, students are encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities. Also, students are eligible to vote and have representatives in the Student Council. The Service- learning Section not only manages about learning activities but also plans labor education and service learning courses.

Physical Education Office

Physical Education Division strives to promote students’ physical development. Every year this division carries out a series of physical activities, which help students explore various sports. Students can also choose sports of their interest for their physical classes. They are expected to enjoy all kinds of physical activities during their studies at the WuFeng University.

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