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office of Library and information
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Office of Library & Information
Tel: 886-5-226-7125 ext. 21713
Fax: 886-5-226-4087
E-Mail: center@wfu.edu.tw


WuFeng University Office of Library and Information are combined by the library and computer center in August, 2010. Library Services Section, Library and Information Support Section, Information and E-Learning Section and System Development Section are established. Under this union, the duties are ordering school books and making information policy in order to provide rich collection, perfect information basic network and system development.

The goal is to achieve the effective administrative service, library service for higher efficiency teaching and learning environment.


Our mission is to provide convenient, stable, and secure information systems for Wu-Feng’s faculty, staff and students, and be able to render computing services for the universities in Taiwan.

  1. Library Services Section
  2. Providing for multiplex learning resource, supporting good studying environment for Wu-Feng’s faculty, staff and students.

    Special collection multimedia for “Safty”, “Life Education Area” etc., to become the special area library.

  3. Information and E-Learning Section
  4. The primary objective of the section is to design and to implement the network communication infrastructures. Its services include TCP/IP, WWW, DNS, FTP, BBS proxy, NFS, firewall, network security and e-mail services.

    Otherwise, This section exists to assist, promote, and enhance the computer facilities for the faculty and students. The staff is also responsible for assessing the authorized software of our school and providing services for web-based distance learning. The section offer all types of software courses for the purpose of fostering talents in various areas of specialization. This section will keep improving the environment and facilities in educational media, and promote media instructions on campus.

  5. Library and Information Support Section
  6. The section stands for the information “front desk.” The staff is dedicated to provide highest quality of service and their knowledge is available with any hardware and software problems. The section also assists the administrative system to establish their websites. All of the Library Computing System are maintain by this section.

  7. System Development Section
  8. The staff of this section is responsible for the development of the Campus Information System (CIS) which provides administration and academic computing services. Through the web-based application, the system is designed to be an integrated information system that transcends geographic boundaries.

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