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Graduate School of OptoMechatronics and Materials
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Department of Applied Digital Media
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The Department of Applied Digital Media at WuFeng University was established in 2010. Currently the department is running both undergraduate and On-the-Job Master’s programs.

Undergraduate Program provides instruction in the creation, preparation, production and application of digital media. Classroom instruction and lab assignments give students practical experience in various 2D/3D design, digital publishing, digital trading, digital content, interactive multimedia, motion media, and web media software applications and techniques. Students learn concepts, principles, and processes for digital media project design, development and application. A Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) degree and several Professional Certifications are offered in the undergraduate program. Students are trained to use digital applications for fields involving: photography, 2D/3D graphic design, illustration, virtual reality, game, animation, architectural modeling, printing techniques, digital trading, advertising, journalism, music, web design and digital publishing. Due to the growing cultural and economic need to transfer content into digital format, graduates of the department of Applied Digital Media might work in many environments like enterprises, schools, libraries, museums, publishing houses, communications firms and government agencies. They might also work in the entertainment industry.

On-the-Job Master’s program is a professional, multidisciplinary and industry-relevant graduate degree program. It is available for In-service staffs and professionals who are interested in exploring, researching and building advanced media design, and production careers. A Master of Design (M.Des.) degree and several Advanced Professional Certifications are offered in the graduate program. The integrative study of theory and practices in conjunction with digital media application provides an essential part of the graduate program. A diverse selection of research areas allows graduate students to study in particular areas of interest, such as: media design, digital learning, digital trading, product design, digital archives, animations, games, video vision, and other areas of interest.

Research Focus
  1. Field of Digital Media and Application:Media Design, E-Learning, Image Processing, Digital Archives, Multimedia Storage and Communication, Animations, Computer Games, Video Vision and Digital Application.
  2. Field of Digital Trading and Business:Digital Trading, E-Commerce, Digital Content, Network Trading and Auction.
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