Department of Tourism and Leisure Management

Department of Tourism and Leisure Management
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Department of Tourism and Leisure Management
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The department was established in 2010.


The curriculum of tourism management department aims to promote local development to focuses on two special interest areas: travel and hospitality management and leisure management for professionals.

Interact with other related faculty resources of departments of Applied Digital Media and Dept. of E-Commerce in order to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded research and study environment. This will facilitate a broader discussion opportunity in theory and practice for tourism and leisure professionals, to better enable them to face a wider range of situations in the tourism field.

Besides academic and practical training, this department aggressively builds cooperative relationships with government agencies in Chia-yi and Yunlin districts and local travels with hospitality industries to develop the innovative value of tourism.

Through close collaboration with industry, government, academia, and research, it will provide more practical opportunities to our faculties and students, which is our responsibility to contribute in our own professional field with learning innovation and creativity.


The features of tourism curriculum focus on accordance with local development and government policy. Two main core features are event tourism with leisure activities (e.g., National Five Flagship Tourism Activities) and special event tourism with travel types (e.g., ecotourism travel, culture travel, long stay, health-care travel) to foster tourism and leisure management of professionals.


Computer simulation classroom of tourism and leisure management is equipped with related software, Campus Tourism Marketing is for Internship Program, Campus Hotel is prepared for Internship Program, Teaching and learning programs are all designed for learning by doing. Tour Escort Training Lab for guide program, Casino Training Lab for gaming program, In-flight Service Training Lab for hospitality program, these professional labs are all equipped with cutting-edge technology facilities.


3 associate professors, 5 assistant professors, and 2 lecturers.

Research Focus
  1. To encourage faculty members applying for academic and practical research opportunities from public and private sectors to support regional and national demands for tourism and leisure industries.
  2. To encourage faculty members attending international conferences, publishing papers in professional academic journals to create better environment for research, learning and working.
  3. To provide courses training for students in foreign language and e-commerce.
  4. To perform our travel agency simulation combined with other courses and provide practical training for students to become the manager of travel and leisure industry.
Teaching Characteristics:
  1. To train the professional skills of the tourism and leisure managers and foster the core competence of tourism and leisure professions.
  2. To enhance the basic research curriculums and strengthen the ability of practical experience for industry.
  3. To build up a healthy life style, to enrich the competence of body, mind and spirit.
  4. To enhance students’ abilities in planning and programming for activity and foster the competence of employment.
  5. To expand the vision of tourism and leisure industry and develop the abilities in creativity.
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