Department of Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineeing
Contact Info
Department of Electrical Engineeing
Tel: 886-5-226-7125 ext. 71114
Fax: 886-5-206-5851
E-Mail: pmei@wfu.edu.tw
Cht Website:http://ee.wfu.edu.tw/
Eng Website:http://www2.wfu.edu.tw/wp/english/?p=74


The faculty members of the department have vast experience in their expertise and in the teaching experience, including

  1. 2 professor,
  2. 9 associate professors,
  3. 3 assistant professors, and
  4. 4 instructors.

The curriculums provided by the department are focused on:

  1. theoretical and practical emphasis courses
  2. professional certification training courses
  3. internship courses

The goal of the department is:
to foster well-trained technicians and engineers that specialized in the fields of mechatronics, automation, and green energy technologies.

The department has offered the following laboratories to meet the future trend of college education and for students to develop their abilities in various fields,

  1. Mechatronic Lab
  2. Construction-Set-Based Design and Control Lab, established due to the collaboration with OMRON for providing the students to be familiar with the applications of OMRON products.
  3. Configuration Control Lab
  4. Siemens Automated Products Display and Technology Consultation Room
  5. Security Monitor Lab, established due to the collaboration with the Siemens Limited Taiwan for providing students with the security and industry control training.
  6. Electric Machinery Lab
  7. Logic Design Lab/Integrated Circuit Design Lab
  8. Chip Control System Lab/Embedded system and Applications Lab
  9. Green Energy Lab
  10. Power Electronics Lab
  11. Wind Energy Application Project Lab
  12. Intelligent Control Project Lab
  13. Computer Network Lab
  14. Safety & Automation Project Room
  15. Power Facility Inspection Lab.
  16. Domestic Wiring Lab.
  17. Water Supply Piping Lab.

The department has offered the following authorized certification centers for students to get the professional certification in the related fields of electrical engineering,

  1. Electromechanical
  2. Commercial Wiring
  3. Water Supply Piping
  4. Autodesk authorized certification center
  5. IC3 internet and computing core certification center
  6. International certification of practician class for the circuit board design
  7. Microsoft office specialist certification center

The development has offered training centers for mentoring students to get the professional certification in the following professional certification,

  1. Computer Maintenance
  2. Electric repairing
  3. Electrical equipment inspection
  4. Digital electronics

Outlook for graduates

  1. Academic Prospects:Graduates can choose to study in domestic or overseas graduate institutions to pursue their career and/or educational goals.
  2. Job Opportunities:Graduates have a variety of opportunities to find jobs in network communications, semiconductors, automatic controls, and power engineering fields. Also, the department has signed agreements with prestigious companies to undertake on-the-job professional training for students in the department.
Research Focus
  • Mechatronics: precision mechanical engineering, electronic control
  • Automation: Automatic Control Engineering, Microprocessor Design and Applications
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