Department of Vehicle Technology and Entrepreneurship

Department of Vehicle Technology and Entrepreneurship
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Department of Vehicle Technology and Entrepreneurship
Tel: 886-5-226-7125 ext. 51301
Fax: 886-5-206-8417
E-Mail: rachn@wfu.edu.tw
Cht Website:http://ve.wfu.edu.tw/
Eng Website:http://www2.wfu.edu.tw/wp/english/?p=78


The school is located at the north part of Chiayi County. The Department of Vehicle Technology and Entrepreneurship is the only choice for many vocational high school students who want to study the technical skills related to vehicle technology and management. The regional vehicle industry has always felt that it is difficult to find outstanding technician and sales personnel. Therefore, one of the characteristics of this department is the establishment of the only Class A and B test site of machinery and equipment of skills certification on skill category of automotive mechanics. This test site could enhance college, as well as vocational high school, students’ automotive maintenance skills, which is beneficial to the development of regional vehicle industry.

The second characteristic of this department: in accordance with the trend of self-driving and electrification of vehicles, and the transformation and upgrading of regional vehicle dealers, the only vehicle communication agreement laboratory in Chiayi and Yunlin area is established. This laboratory could build up the concept and skills of internet of vehicle for the students, and help them to obtain the qualified certification of the skill. In order to expand the diversified development of students, the Department encourages students to participate in various competitions, such as racing or advanced vehicle design and manufacturing, and provides young people who are interested in vehicles to stimulate creativity and develop their career goals. The third characteristic of this department: In order to cultivate students’ virtual reality application skills, the only virtual reality application laboratory in Chiayi and Yunlin area is set up to train racing talents.

Research Focus

The goal of this department is to train professionals with skills for the vehicle industry. These professionals are expected to be technicians, engineers, racers, sales or dealers for vehicle industry. The main research topics are:

  • Vehicle mechatronics: The topics include: automobile sensors and integrated circuits, vehicle control module, vehicle communication, vehicle telematic, virtual reality application, etc.
  • Management of vehicle industry: The topics include: Marketing skills, dealerships, warehouse management, etc.
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