College of Digital Entrepreneurship

College of Digital Entrepreneurship
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College of Digital Entrepreneurship
Tel: 886-5-226-7125 ext. 71601~71602
E-Mail: vicky@wfu.edu.tw
Cht Website:http://www2.wfu.edu.tw/wp/bm/
Eng Website:http://www2.wfu.edu.tw/wp/english/?p=82


The College of Digital Entrepreneurship (previously known as College of Business and Management) was established : to promote the competitive advantage based on the digital marketing, to meet the need of the industrial market, and to provide possibilities for those who are willing to devote to improving themselves for the future job market and/or starting an enterprise.

The College of Digital Entrepreneurship offers master and bachelor programs in following majors:

  1. Department of Applied Digital Media (graduate program offered).
  2. Department of Applied Game Technology
  3. Department of Marketing and Distribution Management
  4. Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
  5. Digital Entrepreneurship Research & Development Center
Research Focus
  • Encouraging students involve in the final projects to equip students with theoretical and practical abilities.
  • Encouraging students to obtain at least one professional certificate.
  • In accordance to the economic progress, we offer our students with integrated programs and encourage them to minor in other fields to enhance their competitive power.
  • In order to effectively make use of existing sources and elaborate team power, we integrate intra-department courses, teaching faculty, equipments, research and service with the hope that our students fit the job market technologically and professionally.
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