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Department of Fashion Styling and Design
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We created the Department of Fashion Styling and Design in WuFeng University in 2011. In order to meet the needs of the society, this department moderates the curriculum content every year to cultivate professional talents in beauty salons, beauty health care, and fashion styling and design industry-academia needs and collaboration.


The curriculum aims to promote local development to focus on two special interest areas including hair-art creation and beauty styling for fulfilling the target of “graduation and employment”.

The curriculum aims at helping students get the international licenses upon three aspects including beauty science, hair design, overall styling and aromatherapy.

Besides academic and practical training, we aggressively build cooperative relationships with government agencies in Chiayi and Yunlin districts and aesthetics industries to develop the innovative value of culture fashion.

We will provide more practical opportunities to our students, which is our responsibility to contribute in our own professional with learning innovation and creativity through close collaboration with industry, government, academia and research institutes.

Curriculum planning can be divided into four categories: professional compulsory, diversified majors, practical skills and exertion skills.

  1. Professional compulsory courses: This part trains students to have the basic knowledge and learning ability of beauty and hairdressing design. These courses are mainly based on basic professional subjects in hairdressing and styling, including beauty spa practice, fashion makeup design, introduction to professional haircuts, professional men’s haircutting practice, special productions, wedding consultants and bride secretaries, fashion management, introduction to professional hairdressing, Courses of Beauty and Beauty, Aromatherapy, Holistic Modeling Design, Mask Design Art, Aesthetics and Life Creation Art, Professional Women Hairdressing Practice, Fashion Accessories Design, Comprehensive Application of Hair Design, Fashion Paper Design … etc.
  2. Specialized Courses: After cultivating students with basic theoretical and technical abilities, in order to further enrich the professional depth of students, they are divided into two professional elective modules such as “Faye Creation” and “Beauty Modeling”.
  3. Practical skills courses: More than half of the courses in this department are practical courses to strengthen students’ related skills in beauty, hairdressing, and styling, and to help students obtain relevant certifications.
  4. Skills Courses: Students in this department offer special project production and a year-long off-campus internship course to strengthen practical experience and improve practical skills.

The features of the Department of Fashion Styling and Design curriculum focus on accordance with fashion, creativity, elegance and beauty.

We hope to train our students to be composed with both inner spirit and styling ability on appearance beauty.The purpose is to construct a learning environment full of humanities and arts, so that students can combine professional knowledge in the fields of specialty, aesthetics, art and humanities in innovation and technology, and achieve subtle teaching results. In this way, students of this department can be equipped with the basic literacy and core abilities of innovation, aesthetics, arts and professions in the fields of image aesthetics, overall fashion design and management, etc., in order to meet the trend of internationalization and marketization of modern education. Strengthen the competitiveness of our students. The department has a number of professional equipment and strong teachers. The ultimate teaching goal is: “Graduation is a job, 100% employment matchmaking”. This department takes “hair creation” and “beauty modeling” as its development modules.


The main facilities include make-up, hairdressing, ski-care, aromatherapy and hygiene equipments.


1 associate professor, 2 assistant professor and 4 lecturer.

Research Focus

Main research development fields include overall styling, image aesthetics and aromatherapy LOHAS.

To encourage faculty members applying for academic and practical research projects from public and private sectors to support regional and national for aesthetics industries.

To encourage faculty members attending domestic and international conferences, publishing papers in professional academic journals to create better environment for search, learning and working.

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